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Welcome to the Stanford Ringing Group Web Site.

The purpose of the Web Site is to
  • act as a repository for our Bird Ringing data, news and photos
  • report on the Natural History of Stanford Reservoir
Bird Ringing

The Stanford Ringing Group (SRG) took it's name from our main bird ringing site at Stanford Reservoir on the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border. We commenced ringing here in 1976 and are presently ringing 3000-4000 birds of approx. 50 species each year.

A brief history of the Stanford Ringing Group can be found here.

A general overview on Bird Ringing can be found here at the BTO Website.

Even before we started ringing, ornithologists had been visiting Stanford Reservoir and recording their observations for many years.  One such ornithologist was Frederick P. Littlemore.

Natural History & Fred P. Littlemore

Fred’s interest in the natural world extended beyond birds and he planned to publish a compilation of the flora and fauna records of Stanford Reservoir, from his own observations and those of others.

In creating this Web Site we have made extensive use of Fred’s previously unpublished data and we are very grateful to Marie Littlemore for giving us permission to do so.

Fred's overview of the history of Stanford Reservoir can be found here.

In addition to Fred's archive we've been extremely fortunate to receive information & photographs from a range of people interested in the Flora & Fauna of Stanford Reservoir - many thanks to all contributors.

Ongoing Conservation

At Stanford, the SRG works in conjunction with the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust to enhance the natural environment.

This work has proven extremely effective in increasing the numbers of warblers – both breeding and stopover migrants. In 1977/78 Group members planted phragmites rhizomes mid-way along the Leicestershire bank which have grown steadily over the years to form an extensive area.   On the Northamptonshire side, in the eastern corner of Blowers Lodge Bay, we have installed a feeding station which we maintain throughout the year.  Approximately 100 nest boxes have also been added within and just outside of the Reservoir perimeter.

The Stanford Reservoir Nature Reserve can be visited with a permit.
For more information see the Wildlife Trust site.

Finally, we welcome any corrections, additions, relevant photographs and suggestions for this Web Site!

Stanford Ringing Group

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